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Market Supervision and Regulation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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Updated: 2021-03-10 17:03

Main duties:

1. Comprehensively regulate the market and manage agriculture, animal husbandry, pharmaceuticals, and intellectual property rights. Implement national, provincial, and municipal laws, regulations, and policies on market supervision and management, agriculture, animal husbandry, food, drugs (including traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine), medical devices, cosmetics, intellectual property rights (including trademarks, patents, copyrights, and geographical indications of origin). Draft local laws, regulations, development strategies, special plans, policies, and organize their implementation after approval.

2. Regulate the market order. Regulate market transactions, online commodity transactions, and related services according to the law. Organize efforts to investigate and punish illegal pricing, unfair competition, illegal direct selling, pyramid selling, as well as the manufacture and sale of fake and inferior products. Organize efforts to investigate and punish unlicensed production and operations. Guide the development of the advertising industry and regulate advertising activities. Standardize and maintain the market order, and create a market environment that features good faith and fair competition. Guide the Shenzhen Consumer Council in the protection of consumer rights.

3. Be responsible for the unified registration of market entities. Organize efforts to register various types of enterprises, operators, individual industrial and commercial businesses, resident representative offices of foreign (region) enterprises, and other market entities. Establish a mechanism for publicizing and sharing information on market entities, publicize and share information according to the law, strengthen credit regulation, and promote the construction of the credit system for market entities.

4. Assist in anti-monopoly law enforcement. Plan and promote the implementation of competition policies and organize the implementation of the review system for fair competition. Cooperate in anti-monopoly law enforcement and centralized anti-monopoly review of operators against monopoly agreements, abuse of the market dominant position, and abuse of administrative power to exclude and restrict competition. Guide enterprises in responding to anti-monopoly litigation outside China.

5. Manage standardization. Organize efforts to implement standardization strategies. Coordinate, guide, and supervise the formulation and revision of local standards and group standards. Organize efforts to formulate and implement standardization incentive policies, and regulate standardization activities. Guide all trades and fields in adopting first-class international standards. Establish and improve standard systems of Shenzhen that cover all fields of economic and social development. Organize basic and frontier research on standards, and promote the construction of the public support service system for Shenzhen standard. Organize efforts to appraise and evaluate the implementation of Shenzhen standards.

6. Promote the use of intellectual property rights. Organize the implementation of intellectual property strategies. Organize the implementation of intellectual property incentives, and guide the transformation, application, trading, and operation of intellectual property rights. Guide the review of advance services, such as the review of application for intellectual property rights and the confirmation of rights. Guide the evaluation, review, and appraisal of intangible assets with respect to intellectual property rights. Guide and promote the development of intellectual property services. Organize the construction of a public service system for intellectual property rights and promote the dissemination and utilization of intellectual property right information. Promote the construction of the intellectual property right talent team.

7. Protect intellectual property rights. Promote the construction of the intellectual property right protection system of Shenzhen, and establish a mechanism for coordination and law enforcement cooperation in regard to intellectual property right protection. Organize and guide the handling of disputes over intellectual property rights, right protection assistance, and dispute mediation. Organize and guide the early warning for and protection of intellectual property rights involving foreign countries. Organize efforts to investigate and punish violations of intellectual property rights. Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in the field of intellectual property rights.

8. Promote quality construction in Shenzhen. Organize efforts to implement the strategy of building a quality-oriented city. Guide all departments, trades, and fields in quality improvement, and promote an overall quality improvement in related fields. Organize efforts to appraise and evaluate the implementation of Shenzhen quality. Coordinate the construction and application of the city's quality infrastructure, implement the quality supervision system for major engineering equipment together with relevant departments, organize the investigation of major quality accidents, and supervise products’ anti-counterfeiting. Regulate product quality and safety in accordance with the law. Organize product quality supervision and spot checking, risk monitoring, and injury detection. Organize efforts to implement the quality grading system, quality and safety traceability system, and defective product recall system. Implement the production license management for industrial products.

9. Comprehensively coordinate the regulation of food and drug safety. Organize and coordinate efforts for food and drug safety. Organize efforts to implement food safety strategies. Guide and promote the development of the food industry. Develop a food and drug safety emergency system. Organize and coordinate emergency response to and investigation of food and drug safety incidents by rule. Establish and improve the direct reporting system for important information on food safety. Undertake the routine work of the Municipal Food and Drug Safety Commission.

10. Regulate food safety. Undertake food administrative licensing and regulation. Establish a supervision and inspection system that covers the entire process of food production, circulation and consumption, establish a mechanism for hidden danger investigation and management, and organize their implementation to prevent regional and systematic food safety risks. Promote the establishment of a mechanism for food producers and operators to implement their responsibilities, and improve the food safety traceability system. Organize food safety supervision and spot checking, risk monitoring and judgment, verification and disposal, risk early warning, and risk exchanges. Organize the regulation of special food.

11. Regulate the safety of drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. Undertake the administrative licensing and regulation of drug retail and medical device operations, and regulate the quality of cosmetics during their operations as well as of drugs and medical devices during their use. Supervise the implementation of standards and the classification management system for drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. Organize efforts to monitor adverse drug reactions and adverse events of medical devices and to re-evaluate drugs. Detect the safety risks of drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics according to the law. Cooperate in the implementation of the national system for essential drugs.

12. Regulate the safety of special equipment. Undertake administrative licensing, safety monitoring, supervision, risk prevention, and injury detection for special equipment. Supervise and check the implementation of energy-saving standards for highly energy-consuming special equipment and environmental protection standards for boilers. Formulate emergency rescue plans for special equipment. Investigate safety accidents of special equipment according to the law.

13. Be responsible for the management of metrological measurement, certification, accreditation, inspection, and testing. Implement the national measurement system, promote legal units of measurement, and manage instruments of measurement as well as quantity value transfer and comparison. Standardize and supervise commodity quantity, market measurement, and measurement arbitration verification. Guide and coordinate the development of the certification, accreditation, inspection, and testing industries in Shenzhen. Regulate certification, accreditation, inspection, and testing according to the law.

14. Manage agriculture and animal husbandry. Guide and promote the development of agriculture, guide agricultural modernization, and protect the quality of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland according to the law. Regulate the means of production for agriculture and animal husbandry. Organize the quality and safety monitoring, tracing, and risk assessment of agricultural products, and release information on the quality and safety of agricultural products. Regulate the epidemic prevention and quarantine for animals and plants as well as animal health. Manage practicing veterinarians, livestock and poultry slaughter, and enforce laws. Organize efforts to regulate and upgrade farm produce markets. Organize and coordinate the "vegetable basket" project. Regulate safe production for agriculture and animal husbandry.

15. Complete other tasks assigned by the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and superior authorities.