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QMy visa has expired due to over stay. I have been to the various government office and they told me to go online and contact someone regarding the penalty.I called the number and the person gave me another number to call for non residents and as of today 20 -4-2021 no one answers the phone. Could you give me a working number and address of where I am to go to settle? 04-28

APublic Security Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality: You are suggested to call the Office of Entry and Exit and they will elaborate it. The number is 12367.

QI am a South African Diplomat working in the Russian Federation. I would like to visit my children who came to China in 2018 for work and currently staying in Shenzhen. I have received the Sputnik vaccine in Russia during March 2021. Kindly advice if we can visit the city without having to go for quarantine at the hotel for 14 days? 04-13

AOffice of Port of Entry and Exit of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government: It does not matter whether you get vaccinated or not. All of the travelers who enter Shenzhen are required to undergo a 14-day collective quarantine. 

QI am foreigner with Q2 Visa. I would like to divorce from my Chinese wife (living in China Shenzhen), but her Hukou is not from Shenzhen, Hukou is from Shandong province. Can we apply the divorce in Shenzhen?. Or we need go my wife's Hukou city?. Both we agree to divorce 03-01

ACivil Affairs Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality: It is ineligible for you to divorce in Shenzhen. According to the Marriage Registration Regulations, if mainland residents voluntarily divorce, they shall apply for it in one party's registered residence.


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