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From: Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Updated: 2022-02-18 14:02

Beacuse of the rapid business development in the Shenzhen region, Intel plans to build its Intel South China Research Center within the next three years. The construction of the Center will greatly enhance Intel’s technical support for its local Shenzhen partners, and will also boost the company’s R&D activities to the forefront of the market. Intel’s South China Research Center will employ over 600 staff, and is expected to invest over 50 million USD into R&D annually.

In May 2016, Invest Shenzhen concluded a framework cooperation agreement with Intel (China) Co., Ltd. at the China (Guangdong)-U.S. (New York) Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference.

As a part of this plan, in June 2016, Intel (China) Co., Ltd. was engaged as a technical consultant for the Shenzhen National Genebank, and also joined with BGI in establishing the BGI-Intel BT&IT Joint Laboratory.