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Shenzhen Municipal Government policies to support enterprise competitiveness
From: Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Updated: 2019-09-12 15:09

Enterprises that are selected to the Fortune Global 500 for the first time shall be given a reward of 30 million yuan; enterprises that are selected to the China Fortune 500 for the first time shall be given a reward of 10 million yuan.

Comprehensive support shall be given using a "customized" model to state-owned enterprises that move to Shenzhen or that establish new companies in Shenzhen, or to large enterprises that move to Shenzhen and achieve the standards for qualifying as a "headquarter enterprise."

To promote investment in key industry links, and to support projects in weak industry links in Shenzhen, a one-time reward of up to 3 million yuan shall be available for eligible projects.

Support shall be available for key industrial enterprises (such as those enterprises in the "Industry 100" that have annual value-added industrial output growth of more than 15%).

Enterprises that take on national Strong Industrial Foundation projects shall be given accompanying supportat 50% of the national subsidy.

Enterprises that take on the task of building national manufacturing industry innovation centers can receive 10 million yuan in subsidies annually for three consecutive years.

Enterprises that take on military industrial scientific research projects can receive up to 35% of the project's contract value as a subsidy (maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan).