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City uses advantages to boost consumption
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-09-15 09:09

Shenzhen's districts and Dapeng New Area are leveraging their own advantages in industry, business and culture to hold various consumption promotion events during the city’s Fashion Consumption Month, which kicked off Sept. 3.

Activities featuring digital currency, internet celebrities, livestreaming economy and other new consumption forms aim to boost consumer spending, particularly for the cultural, sports and tourism sectors.

Futian District, with the highest business complex density, has joined forces with One Avenue, Coco Park, UpperHills and other shopping malls to invest over 50 million yuan (US$7.75 million) in the shopping festival. For example, One Avenue has built a multifunctional space encompassing wine tasting, social interaction and consumption. Coco Park has held rooftop night fairs and parties to facilitate the night economy.

Luohu District, known for its jewelry trade, has combined its industrial strength with fashion resources to organize a series of jewelry exhibitions. It has also launched its consumption map and issued sports consumption vouchers totaling 4 million yuan.

Nanshan District, which highlights its cultural and sports industry, has offered 100,000 vouchers totaling 20 million yuan for sports consumption. The vouchers include 40,000 for stadium sports consumption and 60,000 for sporting goods consumption. These are 200 yuan each and can be used in the district’s 60 or so stadiums, 16 core business areas and sporting goods retail stores.

Bao’an District opened the 2021 Bao’an Shopping Festival last week, which will last until November. The event is being held online and offline and features several themes such as short video marketing, livestreaming commerce, night economy, single economy and tourism-themed activities.

Yantian District, home to the city’s beaches and seafood, has designed 10 themed events and 52 featured activities, such as the Seafood Street Food Festival’s 25th anniversary, to attract customers across the city and country.

Dapeng New Area, where the Kaisa coastal tourism resort is located, has welcomed a large number of visitors on its opening day. It has also hosted an international exhibition, a parent-child tour, murder mystery games at its Rose Town and other consumption activities.

Meanwhile, Longhua and Longgang districts also made efforts to stimulate consumption via several shopping activities including sports, e-sports, night fairs and livestreaming commerce.