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New Generation Information Technology
From: Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Updated: 2020-11-10 17:11

Value added: 508.615 billion RMB. A year-on-year growth of 6.6%. 

Integrated circuit: Build an industrial ecosystem with synergy and support the industrial transformation in Next Generation IT.

Artificial intelligence: Leverage the comparative advantages in the manufacturing of artificial intelligence hardware terminals, user data resources, and innovative application models to build a world-leading high ground in the artificial intelligence industry.

5G technology of mobile communication: Seize the opportunities in 5G development and consolidate a leading position in the global telecommunication industry.

New type display: Consolidate the Shenzhen's competitive edge as a manufacturing base for advanced lines large-size panels and promote the development of the new display industry to become a new growth source in the electronic information industry.

IoT (Internet of Things): Create synergy between the downstream and upstream of the value chain to form a sustainable market landscape.

ICV (intelligent connected vehicle): Establish a pilot zone for intelligent connected vehicles.

Flexible electronics: eet the demands of wearables and strive to take the commanding height in the manufacturing side of Next Generation IT sector.