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Contemporary artworks by Gong Jian, Guo Hongwei | Until July ...

Chinese artists Gong Jian and Guo Hongwei are exhibiting their works at the “Classical Gaudiness” exhibition at Enclave Contemporary..

HQB invites you to enjoy old games, listen to ‘Voice of SZ’

Exhibitions‘Voice of Shenzhen’and ‘Game Light Year’in HQB Museum..

Here comes Japanese guitarist GIN | June 27

Japanese fingerstyle guitarist GIN will perform a show and promote his new album “Passage” at B10 Live on June 27..

Enjoy the beauty of imperfection | Until May 30

Ancient repair techniques are making a comeback in China as more people learn the beauty of imperfection, and an exhibition of repaired porcelain ....

Enjoy VR exhibition at virtual art museum

Visitors can now immerse themselves in the Pingshan Art Museum’s first virtual art exhibition on the sixth floor of the museum..

Witty Chinese drama to be staged | May 21-22

The Troupe of Masters of Fine Arts at Nanjing University will present the popular Chinese-language drama “The Face of Chiang Kai-shek” in Shenzhen....

International Museum Day events at SZ Museum

Shenzhen Museum will hold a string of free activities to mark the International Museum Day 2021, with the theme of “The Future of Museums: Recover....

Liang Shixiong’s paintings on display | Until June 2

Guangdong Province is the birthplace of the Lingnan style of landscape painting where for more than a century painters have been re-inventing the ....

Three exhibitions at Jupiter Museum of Art | until June 20

French photographer Stéphane Couturier is exhibiting his works at the “Melting Point” exhibition until June 20 at the Jupiter Museum of Art..