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Adventure time! Explore the top 10 walking trails in SZ
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2020-07-07 15:07

If you’re into a long leisurely walk in nature but still wonder where to go in Shenzhen, the top 10 walking trail selection announced last week is a guide to refer to.

The 10 trails, selected from 32 options by fitness lovers and experts, offer a wide array of choices. Whether you’re looking for a greenway in downtown, a track in the mountain or a coastal promenade to greet the sea, the guide won’t fail you.

Lianshanchunzao Road 莲山春早路

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Lianshanchunzao Road (Lianhua Hill Greenway 莲花山绿道) is inside Lianhua Hill Park in Futian District, one of the most valued city parks in town. Extending throughout the biggest public green space in the city’s central business district, the 11-kilometer-long green trail is accompanied with soothing lake views and spacious meadows.

Meishatalang Road 梅沙踏浪道

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Meishatalang Road (Yantian Coastal Promenade 盐田海滨栈道) extends from Xiaomeisha Park to Donghe Park. Under the concept of “linking urban spaces,” it connects multiple scenic spots in Yantian District, such as Zhongying Street, Dameisha Park, Xiaomeisha Park and the Beizaijiao Promenade. The trail is 21 kilometers long, but the sea views, the refreshing breezes and the sounds of waves are worth your time and effort.

Xiangmixingfu Road 香蜜幸福路

Xiangmixingfu Road (Xiangmi Park Greenway 香蜜公园绿道) is a six-kilometer-long greenway inside Xiangmi Park in Futian District. With cultural and sports facilities, the road allows citizens to experience a low-carbon life in tandem with the art of gardening.

Yangtaidiecui Road 阳台叠翠路

Yangtaidiecui Road (Longhua Huancheng Greenway 龙华环城绿道) starts from Dalang Culture Park in Longhua District and extends for 17 kilometers to the east gate of Yangtai Mountain Forest Park in Bao’an District. The mountains, valleys and forests constantly greeting you are definitely pleasures to see, not to mention the three reservoirs circled by sections of the trail.

Wutongyanyun Road 梧桐烟云路

Wutongyanyun Road (Wutong Greenway 梧桐绿道) runs for 15 kilometers from Wutong Mountain to Donghu Park in Luohu District. Departing from the south gate of Donghu Park, you’ll find yourself embraced in the fresh air of mountains and the soothing sounds of waters as you trace along Shenzhen Reservoir to reach Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Continuing to go northwards along the reservoir from the north gate of the botanical garden, you can find orchards dotted along the trail before reaching Wutong Mountain River that takes you all the way to the foot of Wutong Mountain.

Qingchundayun Road 青春大运路

Qingchundayun Road (Universiade Park Greenway 大运公园绿道) is 11 kilometers long. It starts from the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center, circles around a lake and ends at the Shenzhen MSU-BIT University in Longgang District. Visitors can enjoy scenic sites of the Universiade Park.

Shiyanhuguang Road 石岩湖光路

Shiyanhuguang Road (Around Shiyan Lake Greenway 环石岩湖绿道) runs for 22.5 kilometers around Shiyan Lake, a national reservoir in Bao’an District. A hot spring resort and a wetland park are near the reservoir.

Guangmingshanhu Road 光明山湖道


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Guangmingshanhu Road (Marathon Mountain and Lake Greenway 马拉松山湖绿道) is a six-kilometer walking trail from Guangming Grass Skiing Park to Guanguang Road. It meanders through Dadingling Forest Park, Gongming Reservoir, Diaoshenshan Mountain and spacious fields of crops. A wonderful choice for walking and jogging, the road is also suitable for high-quality marathon events.

Meilinqingshi Road 梅林青石路

Meilinqingshi Road (Meilin Greenway 梅林绿道) is eight kilometers long, extending from the east part of Meilin Reservoir in Futian District to the Changlingpi Metro Station in Nanshan District. Scenic sites along the greenway include Meilin Hill Park, Meilin Reservoir and Tanglang Mountain Park.

Binhaihonglin Road 滨海红林路

Binhaihonglin Road (Furong Civic Greenway, Shenzhen Bay Coastal Greenway and Shenzhen Bay Park Greenway 福荣都市绿道、深圳湾滨海绿道和深圳湾公园绿道) is 14.8 kilometers long. It starts from the Furong Civic Greenway near the Futian Mangrove Ecological Park and runs westward and then southward to Shenzhen Bay Park, which includes several themed zones that are threaded along the trail.