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2020 Shenzhen Design Week The 2020 Shenzhen Design Week has been relaunched amid the scorching summer to further promote Shenzhen as a City of Design.

Ling ready to make World Surfing Games debut While his peers are busy preparing for the new school year, Ling Junwei, a 16-year-old from Dongchong Village, Dapeng New Area, has headed for Japan to compete in the 2019 World Surfing Games on behalf of China with his teammates on the National Olympic Surfing Team.

PSG beats Rennes 2-1 to win Tropheé des Champions The 2019 Tropheé des Champions was held at the Shenzhen Universiade Center on Aug. 3. Paris Saint-Germain, eight-time title winner of Ligue 1, competed in an awe-inspiring match against Rennes.

Second-generation SZer cares for left-behind children Visiting some children in the mountainous area of northern Guangdong Province at 17 may have changed Zhong Zhengyi’s life.

Baixiaolian's football dream This March, a slew of passionate football hobbyists, who were all parents of children at Sinolink Primary School, founded Baixiaolian FC.

2019 Speak Shenzhen English Competition We should tell the stories of Shenzhen in world languages and make Shenzhen’s voices heard by the whole world.

Policewoman shares English-learning tips Huang Jingxian works at Wenjindu Checkpoint where I need to communicate with many foreigners every day. Foreign languages are commonly used in her workplace.