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Happy 43, Shenzhen SEZ! Shenzhen Special Economic Zone turns 43 today! Esteemed individuals send out their best wishes for the 43rd anniversary of the special economic zone. Happy 43rd Anniversary!

From GBA to rest of the world: Technologies empower logistics About 93% of logistics firms in Shenzhen have applied new technologies in their daily operations in the last year to save costs and improve efficiency.

Discover Shenzhen This is a story of the exploration of Shenzhen’s biodiversity by Isaac Cohen, a biology teacher from Colombia at an international school in Shenzhen.

Yantian Port unaffected by recent COVID flare-ups Shenzhen's Yantian Port, the world’s fourth busiest container port, thus far this year has maintained its normal operations as busy and orderly as before the COVID flare-ups in March, a Yantian Port Group executive told Shenzhen Daily in an exclusive interview recently.

SZ rhododendron moulmainense fair More than 100,000 trees of rhododendron moulmainense are in full blossom on Wutong Mountain where an annual flower fair is being held through mid-April.

Greek steakhouse owner: excited to be back After a week of shutdown, Panagiotis Kalamidas’ steakhouse in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, reopened last Monday. It has begun to offer dine-in services at half capacity as regulations required, with deliveries available.

Intl. volunteers help out to combat the pandemic Numerous medical staff, community workers, Chinese and international volunteers across Shenzhen have joined the task forces to help the city combat the latest wave of the COVID-19 outbreaks.