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Stuntwoman-turned entrepreneur finds her niche in SZ IN 2009, a stunt show job opportunity at OCT East in Yantian District brought Australian Sally Grice to Shenzhen. Twelve years later, she still leads an action-packed life, but in another way: running a company, raising her 2.5-year-old daughter while expecting her second baby and engaging in dog rescue efforts, with the company and support of her business and life partner, Chris Apps.

71-year-old American sings for CPC's centenary Here is the story about an American old man who fell in love with China after living and working here for years.

Expat experiences dragon boat Felipe Iglesias, a Brazilian national, is an electronics engineer and a fitness coach. He has experienced rich traditional activities recently to feel the tradition of Dragon Boat Festival which is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year.

Expats praise SZ's COVID fight Shenzhen has tightened its pandemic prevention and control measures after several asymptomatic cases were reported in Yantian and Longgang districts recently. Some expats voluntarily join Shenzhen's fight against pandemic and speak highly of the city's anti-pandemic efforts.

Longhua stun expats with hidden gems Expat photographers were deeply impressed and surprised by what Longhua has to offer during the photo-shooting trip around the district April 11. During the trip, they visited the Memorial Hall for the Great Rescue of Chinese Cultural Celebrities, the headquarters building of Marisfrolg Fashion Group, China Guanlan Original Printmaking Base and Mei Luen Rosewood Museum.

101-year-old shares CPC stories with expats In this video, 101-year-old Dongjiang Column veteran He Wei and her friends share their stories with expats.

Expat photographers give thumbs-up to Guangming development During the photoshooting trip on March 14, a group of expat photographers visited different places in Guangming District including Guangming Farm, OCT Farm, Hongqiao Park (Red Bridge Park), Shenzhen clock and watch industrial base and Guangming Science City Exhibition Center.