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Updated: 2019-07-04 19:07

Shenzhen is a coastal city in South China, neighboring Hong Kong and Macao. It is a modern and international innovative metropolis full of charm, vitality, impetus and innovation.

Shenzhen is the national economic center, science and technology center, regional financial center and commercial and logistics center.

Shenzhen, born in the epic reform and opening-up drive and prospering for its innovation, is a wonder of the world's industrialization, urbanization and modernization.

Shenzhen, City of Charm

Over the past 40 years, constructors of the special economic zone have come from every corner of the country and gathered in Shenzhen. Together they transformed the city from a tiny border farm town into a modern and international metropolis with full functionality that manages a population of over 20 million with an average age of 33. The city is home to a world-class container hub port, the largest land checkpoint in Asia and the fifth-largest airport in China. It has won numerous awards and recognitions, including National Civilized City, International Garden City, a member of the Creative Cities Network by UNESCO and UNESCO City of Design. Shenzhen is an open and inclusive city that honors rule of law and good ethics as well as a city suitable for living, working and traveling.

Shenzhen, City of Vitality

As a pioneering city in China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen took the lead in carrying out the market-oriented reform of the economic system. The city has taken the first steps in over 1,000 different fields in the country, from building the first export-oriented economic development zone in China to holding China's first land auction, from taking the lead in "bringing in" to "going global," from economic reform to the further and comprehensive reform in economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization and Party building systems. Shenzhen continues to create a world-class business environment to greatly stimulate the market vitality.

Shenzhen, City of Impetus

Shenzhen always sticks to its focus on economic development, from the "Three-plus-one" trading-mix to the lead in facilitating industry transformation and upgrading, and to further pushing forward the supply-side structural reform. Its high-tech industry has become a name card in the whole country. The city has four pillar industries, including high tech, finance, logistics, and culture and creativity. Its GDP has grown from 196 million yuan to 2.4 trillion yuan, representing an average annual growth of 22.4 percent. It has created the well-known "Shenzhen Speed," the growth-leading "Shenzhen Efficiency," "Shenzhen Quality" and "Shenzhen Standard," as well as the "Shenzhen Manufacturing," "Shenzhen Design" and "Shenzhen Brand" which mark the era.

Shenzhen, City of Innovation

Shenzhen continues to push forward the comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as its core, and has realized the organic integration and coordinated development of scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation and open innovation. It has formed a market-oriented technological innovation system that takes enterprises as its mainstay and highly blends industry with university and research. A group of world-level innovative enterprises have grown up here, turning Shenzhen into a model innovative city gathering innovation resources, achievements and culture.

Shenzhen is the window through which China displays its achievements in reform and opening up to the world.

Shenzhen is the window through which the international community observes China's reform and opening up.

Shenzhen is striding toward the construction of a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Shenzhen is working hard to build an exemplar city of a great modern socialist country.