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Shenzhen, a haven for birds
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2023-01-17 12:01

Shenzhen is an important stopover of the winter birds' East Asia-Australia migratory route. From October to April, a peak season for migrant birds in Shenzhen, is a good time for birdwatching since there are also more than 200 species of resident birds that can be admired in the city, according to official data. 

The Shenzhen Bay area has four out of the 10 best birdwatching sites in Pearl River Delta cities, namely Shenzhen Bay Park, OCT Wetland Park, Guangdong Neilingding Futian National Nature Reserve and Futian Mangrove Ecological Park. The other six sites are: Wutong Mountain, the Yuanshan scenic spot, Honghu Park, Bijia Hill Park, Zhongshan Park and Dapeng Agricultural Center.

71. A red-flanked bluetail at Lianhua Hill Park in Futian District._副本.jpg微信图片_20230117131625_副本.jpg69. A female Daurian redstart at the Liuhuashan area of Shenzhen Bay Park in Nanshan District._副本.jpg微信图片_20230117131630_副本.jpg73. A common kingfisher, which is a resident bird in Shenzhen, perches on a rock while holding a small fish in its beak at Shenzhen Bay Park._副本.jpg60_副本.jpg

59. A grey egret is seen near the magrove forest at Shenzhen Bay Park._副本.jpg58. A commom greenshank stands near the shore of Shenzhen Bay._副本.jpg51. Black-winged stilts chase after each other at Shenzhen Bay Park._副本.jpg53_副本.jpg36_副本.jpg31. Northern shovelers take a rest at Talent Park in Nanshan District._副本.jpg21. Migratory ducks take a rest on the shore of Shenzhen Bay._副本.jpg28. A male Daurian redstart at the Crescent Valley of Shenzhen Bay Park in Nanshan District._副本.jpg19. A male Eurasian wigeon flaps its wings at Shenzhen Bay._副本.jpg15._副本.jpg14. A juvenile black-faced spoonbill catches a small fish at Shenzhen Bay._副本.jpg13_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117140135_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117140130_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117140127_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117140121_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117131646_副本.jpg微信图片_20230117131633_副本.jpg